Welcome to my creative portfolio. Here you will find just a few samples of my work that I have chosen because they represent a variety of different
ideas and styles that I really like.
I am currently working on a new look web site but it will probably take a while because I just can't stop working on
all sorts of in kind projects that keep me busy. I am also working for a wonderful photographer at Through The Looking Glass Studio here in

My work looks quite divers as I am always trying to find the best and appropriate creative solution for each client. I love to think of ideas that stand out
without being loud, whether it is a billboard, a poster or just a flyer. I first try to get the concept right and then I start my Mac to work on the initial design.
I love to see my designs printed and a lot of care and time goes into getting my artworks ready as I want them to look as good in real life than on the screen.
Templates are not my thing and a lot of my designs still include some hand drawn elements as one of my passions is calligraphy.
If yu would like to find out
more, please contact me: